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Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. this he would have loved it to know everyone cared so much about him. >> 14-year-old marcus johnson was an eighth grader. on saturday he was one of two people in the pit area who was killed by an out of control race car at marysville race way park north of sacramento. that car was driven by marcus' cousin, 17-year-old chase johnson. he is a senior at petaluma high school. patrick is marcus' coach and knows the family well. >> i can't think of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as can be. they raced at the same race way. >> racing was in marcus' blood. he was a fourth generation race car driver. the family liked to race winged sprint cars like the one seen here in a race won by his cousin, chase. marcus' classmates knew of his passion for cars early on. >> i remember being in first grade and he would bring his race cars to our school for events. it was really fun to see. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation, but the family has told others that the steering wheel came off. classmates say marcus' cousin, chase, is in their thoughts too. >> it is so sad that hi
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
business.with candles, flowers.and stuffed animals. and messages to the victim.14 year old marcus's one sign that says our sunshine.and shows a picture of marcus.who is standing on the left.with other family members.including his nine year old brother. here's a message in chalk has his racing number.18.and says you will be forever in our hearts. another message to his cousin who was driving the car that killed johnson.which says we love you chase, stay strong. i spoke to the grandparents of both boys.who you see here in this photo.marcus on the left, and chase on the right.they were too overwhelmed to go on camera.the grandfather says that the acciddent was caused when the steering wheel came off of chase's race car.causing his to go the wrong way.he hit some tires put up as a barricade.and the car when up and over.hitting marcus who had just gotten up from his seat and was walking away.a 68 year old grass valley man was also killed. the family says chase feels terrible about the accident. the boys were very close.more like brothers than cousins.both boys loved t
Mar 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
bible search for the memorial service for marcus johnson. the crowd over flowed to other areas of the church. gina johnson had the strength to say goodbye to her boy who was taken from her in an instant. >> forever we will feel the warmth of your smile, marcus, your heart felt embrace, the magic in your eyes and the gentleness of your soul. >> marcus was killed when he was hit by a sprint car driven by his cousin, chase, march 16th at the race way park. the 68-year-old race way sponsor was also killed. a fund was set up in his name. a portion will go to low income students to pay for school and athletic equipment. >>> people are lining up at the supreme court in hopes of getting a seat to witness history. arguments to the right of same-sex marriage starts on tuesday. the first involves the constitutionality of proposition 8. it banned same-sex marriage after the state's highest court ruled it was legal. california's attorney general opposes the ban. >> i am absolutely against same sex marriage because they are simply unconstitutional. >> the other case deals with the defensive
Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
peopl people. 14-year-old marcus johnson died after his 17-year-old cousin chase drove into the crowd on saturday. marcus friends tell abc 7 news he loved racing as well and they say he was well liked. those who know the january son family say they are very close. >> it will be very difficult for them to to peculiar up the pieces and move on. they will because they are strong people but it will be hard. >> never mean. never rude. always said nice things. talked basketball a lot. we also would talk about basketball shoes. he loved shoes a lot. >>reporter: nice kid everybody says. 68-year-old dale wonder jam of grass valley also died in this accident. crash investigators now focusing on possible faulty steering wheel. >> new at 11:00. fremont police lacking for brazen thief who stole 25,000 dollars worth of copper wire. taken from pg&e storage yard on boyce road early sunday. police say man took forklift from nearby construction site then drove through the storage yard fencing. he loaded up the fork wlivt a 5600 pound spool of copper wire. dropped it open to his pickup truck
Mar 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
two gay marriage cases next week. >> luxury retailer niemann marcus reveals a mistake they made with some of their customers. the dow is off 67 points. we will go to the new york stock exchange in a couple of minutes. >> a >> petaluma, and los altos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we will check with a look at what coming up on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. >> good morning, paula. >> great to be with you on this thursday morning. coming up on "good morning america" we have more on the massive manhunt underway in colorado a story we know you have been covering and monitoring closely, the head of the state prison was gunned down at the front doorstep on tuesday night. we are hive from monument, colt come, with the latest. >> results from a clinical trial on cancer have stunned the medical world. a patient cancer free after eight days. we will have the latest on what could be a breakthrough treatment. attention all coffee drinkers, and anyone who works in morning television, there is something new on the market calls "death wish coffee" putting 200 percent more c
Mar 24, 2013 1:00pm PDT
civil unions. >> reporter: marcus says the meeting happened after he sent him this letter on behalf of gay catholics supporting the same-sex marriage bill. also in 2010, the cardinal advocated the church in argentina support the idea of civil unions for gay couples. a senior vatican official said the roman catholic church could neither confirm nor deny the report at this point. official added while pope francis might have expressed such view while he was a cardinal, he should be given time to develop his policy position as pontiff. marcus who still describes himself as a devout catholic says in a second meeting the then-cardinal gave him an autographed copy of a book titled "the jesuit" based on his life and works as priest. he says the cardinal once again touched upon the topic of gay rights in argentina. "marcelo, first of all, i want you to know i have always treated gay people with respect and dignity. i have accompanied many hoex sexual people during my career to tend to their spiritual needs. >> the pope's reported proposal when he was cardinal to allow civil unions for same-s
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Mar 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
talent. country roots, classical sound. welcome jc, marcus collins and john haggan, and also with us today the little rockers, and steve on guitar, jeff on keyes and michael harper on drums. guys, it's great having you here. >> thank you. >> mike: your blend of music is pretty incredible because you kind of cross every genre imaginable. marcus, how do you maintain some versatility with the type of music you do? >> well, it helps that we love all of these different genres that we sing and just performing music that we love makes a big difference. we pick every song on the album and pick every song on the show because we love great music with great melodies and a positive inspiration and portray to the crowds and listeners. >> mike: the biggest thrill ever is say peering on this show and i know you feel that way. >> having you play with us. [applause] >> and that's what usually happens, it's downhill from here. but we want to play a song that's going to be on your next album and really is kind of interesting, the texas tenors doing a tennessee song with a guy from arkansas. we're tryi
Mar 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
into marcus latrell's vision. the civilians, one was a boy, i think, 14. they let him go. and approximately an hour and a half, two hours later, 40 to 50 fighters descended on michael's position they had previously moved. michael's medal of honor was received because during battle communications were poor. they were up against a mountain. so michael had to step out to what marcus was described, the lone survivor, an avenue lanlg of bullets in order to make a call. michael, during that call was shot twice but had the presence of mind at the end of the call, which was typical michael, to c say thank you to the dispatcher. >> incredible bravery. scott, i'm assume that story just in and of itself is what attracted you to making some kind of reconstructive film. >> it did. it resonated. i was familiar with the story several years ago. and when we approached the murphys and said we have this idea. we first thought it might be a feature film. but then as we unpacked it we realized that the non-fiction narrative was so incredible that we didn't need actors or a script to dramatize it. and we were r
Mar 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
that help the cars zip around the track. police say 14-year-old marcus johnson of santa rosa was in the pit area of the race track when his cousin's racecar went off the track and hit marcus and a second person. the family says that the driver. a 17-year old petaluma high school student. was like a brother to the victim. >> a lake county girl who had been missing for the past several days is now safe at a relatives house in santa rosa this morning. jenica fredrick disappeared thursday morning from her home in cobb. she was reportedly upset about some familyy issues before she went missing. many rescue crews -- including some from the bay area -- assisted in the >> city officials may close a skate park in martinez after it was vandalized late last week. authorities say the vandalism of areas of downtown martinez and the waterfront park occurred some time between thursday evening and early friday morning. the city says the people responsible used spray paint.mostly marking the words "asher" and "y-b." most of the damage is at and around the skateboard park and is estimated between 8 and 10-th
Mar 25, 2013 10:00am PDT
for the daily fix, "washington post" editorial columnist ruth marcus and politico senior reporter jonathan martin, j-mart to all of us who know him. >> how about those hoyas? >> let's not start on the hoyas, thank you, jonathan. >> did somebody rev up jonathan today? >> yes, he starts out like that. jonathan, let's talk about same-sex marriage. i want to talk about the issue it creates for the republican party. which is, you have some people saying look, karl rove. saying our party may move towards this by 2016. there's plenty of people, aka the base of the party who don't think they should ever move that direction. does it divide the party? and where do they wind up? >> i can imagine there's a republican rand paul that would be for gay marriage before 2016, but not many mainstream republicans coming out. i think we're still a few years away from that. it's demographic. a lot of old folks in the republican party that comprise the worker bee base of the gop,thy do the phone calls, they do the envelopes. they are culturally very conservative. very traditional and they're not going to come ar
Mar 23, 2013 3:00pm PDT
with male targets. >> during the cold war, germans under marcus wolf had a very active program of sending romeos into west germany, seeing who they could meet and develop relationships with, if they had access to intelligence. >> reporter: a program he says worked well for the east germans. tried to get the chinese embassy in washington to respond to the documents indicating the woman in bishop's case is likely a chinese spy. they haven't responded to calls and e-mails. u.s. officials haven't yet charged the woman with a crime. brian today, cnn, washington. >>> when we come back, critics are calling for him to quote, come back to earth. house budget committee chairman, paul ryan pushes ahead with his plan to balance the nation's books with major spending cuts. he is here in "the situation room" and he's next. u 8 >>> i had a chance to speak with two top contenders for the republican party 2016 presidential nomination. we will hear from mitt romney's former vice president's running mate, congressman paul ryan. but first, senator rand paul of kentucky who recently complained the gop is beco
Mar 23, 2013 5:00am PDT
to this alleged alibi from demarcus elkins, the older suspect, now his aunt was saying that he was with her that night, that it's impossible that they got the wrong guy. yesterday after the press conference i asked the police that specific question how do you know you guys got the right individuals? as you mentioned the suspects were arrested with the help of the mother's description, they also said they cross-referenced with area school's attendance records to see who was missing that day but listen to what demarch kiss elkins' mother told our local affiliate last night. >> i am devastated. i'm sad because they got the wrong person. i hate what happened to that baby because no baby deserved to go through that but at the same time they're taking someone to jail that is innocent. i'm 100% de'marquis elkins was not there. >> reporter: officers say family members don't want to believe someone could do this. they have not gone in front of the court but new information to cnn they have officially been charged. >> let me ask you about what the town is doing about this. it must be tearing people u
Mar 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
with fake fur was actually made with real fur. neiman marcus resolve clothing and dr. j.'s dotcom are settling false marketing charges with the federal trade commission. the retailers will not pay any fines but do promise to label all their products correctly going forward or face penalties. imagine if you were going to buy a pair of flats for example, this was a brand-name slippers that had on them fake fur trim. it was real fur. i mean if you were like going for a fake fur product -- >> that's a serious issue for a lot of people. >> it also shows how in some of these retailers in the production of our apparel they've lost control of their product line. they might not necessarily even know what ingredients are going into their -- there you go. settlement with the fcc. ahead talking with the police chief of the university of central florida as new pictures are released of a gunman's deadly plans. fortunately his plans went astray. >> and it is officially spring. though there is zero proof of it. it happened 30 minutes ago our sources say. why is mother nature failing to get this m
Mar 20, 2013 2:00pm PDT
of the fake fur on the market is not fake at all. neiman marcus and two other retailers settled a federal case by admitting they sold real fur to customers who thought it was fake. why? the "new york times" says the demand is actually much higher for the fake stuff these days. now it's time for the results of hash tag you're it. earlier we asked you to send us some nfl pro bowl team names. your best efforts. one tweet, the nfc helmet knockers versus the afc head cases. or the nfl pro bowl team should be team irrelevant versus team it really doesn't matter. that's it for me. on to wolf blitzer. >>> jake, thanks very much. happening now, president obama in the middle east waiting for proof that syria has used chemical weapons. if he gets it, will he use military force? >>> the beast breaks down. president obama's armored limo can with stand a chemical attack but apparently not. the wrong kind of fuel. and critics are calling for him to come back to earth. but the house budget chairman paul ryan pushes ahead with his plan to balance the nation's books with major spending cuts. he'll join us live
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14